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Something that has always been important in our program is facilitating and harboring a space where people could come together and learn without judgement. We are excited to expand and allow this community to evolve through our community membership program!

Join our online community to connect with other likeminded equestrians!


You will gain access to our private  Facebook page where you are welcome to start discussions and open up dialogue with other members on a wide variety of topics spanning from anatomy, muscle function, rider fluidity and mechanics, in hand work, diet, reconnection, supporting bipoc equestrians, cultural and spiritual importance when working with horses, accessibility, different horse cultures and much more! Enjoy monthly webinars and weekly suggested exercises and tips to incorporate into the work that you do with horses. 

Our silver community package provides all of this plus a monthly virtual lesson and recorded video log of your lessons to look back on at your leisure! Both memberships come with discounted access to any and all online courses, clinics or publications that are scheduled through our program. 

I look forward to growing this community with you!

  • Community Membership

    Every month
    Gain access to our private FB community and monthly webinars
    • weekly challenges
    • tip videos
    • access to members only private fb community
    • Monthly webinars
  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for the horse owner looking for more direct guidance
    • weekly challenges
    • monthly webinars
    • access to members only private fb community
    • once monthly virtual lesson
    • Virtual log and private access to recorded virtual lessons
    • tip videos
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    the same perks as the silver package, with an additional virtual lesson
    • Access to our private community FB group
    • weekly challenges
    • tip videos
    • monthly webinar
    • twice monthly virtual lessons
    • access to recorded lessons to track progress
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