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See what everyone is saying about their experience at In Stride Equestrian!

"Michele is a fabulous teacher, who really helps you understand what you body is doing, what the horse's body is doing, and how to put the pieces together to make the motion fluid! It's truly a beautiful craft, especially as a bodyworker, to see a trainer who cares so much about the foundations. Mojave enjoys the halts for our complicated biomechanics conversations, too :)" 

              - Caitlee Greene

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Brillo. Every ride is better. He is so sweet and fun to ride. I just love him. Thank you!

                    - Janet Davis

"You are seriously awesome and incredibly inspiring. I've wanted to work with horses from a decolonial POV but never had an example of someone doing that & I feel like that's what you're doing. So thank you again"

                                - Carla Marie

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and Daisy! You have helped me be so much of a better rider than I was before and given me the framework to get even better in the future." 

              - Cheyenne Wolfe Cockrell

"Michele thinks of your horses as her own. the best care and guidance you can ask for and that is coming from someone who has boarded in several states over the years. On a whim, I needed a place to quarantine a new horse, but after that horse arrived it was clear she needed rehabbed. Couldn't be happier with the professionals that are used at In Stride and the personalized care given. She also has the nicest lesson horses; if you don't have your own horse or want to improve your riding this is the place"

                            - Nancy Marie

"Being across the country from my horse until he is able to be transported to where I live now has been a very difficult time... I am so very thankful that In Stride Equestrian had a spot available! Michele has extensive knowledge and background on rehabilitation and rehabilitating neglected, emaciated horses. Her knowledge and professional care has helped my thoroughbred overcome so much from the inside and out!"

                                                      - Amber Monroe

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