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Our Mission

Here at In Stride Equestrian, we wish to provide you with more than just a lesson or training for you and your horse. Our immersive experience is a continuous educational program for you and your equine partner. Here you will learn the what's, why's and how's of corrective biomechanic and fluidity training from the ground up! Together with other equine professionals which include vets, body workers, PEMF and laser practitioners, saddle fitters, hoof care professionals, dentists and psychologists, we work to look at and paint the whole picture for each owner. You see, our belief here is that in order to truly work through issues that each pair may be having, we need to address the entire horse, if not, a piece of the puzzle may be missing that is vital for moving forward. And so we wish to establish an all inclusive facility where these pieces of the puzzle will be put together and we can step through what seems to be the never ending guessing game that so many horse owners become stuck in. 

Progression comes from education, so a large piece of our program is to educate horse owners in all aspects of care and training within our program. Whether you choose to come for weekly lessons, send your horse in for training or join us for a clinic, Michele is driven to educate the owner as much as she possibly can to help them blossom and grow. 

Clinics held at our facility will include educational, hands on demos and lectures from other wonderful equine professionals who's life work revolves around improving the lives of horses and their owners. We are very happy to be connected with such wonderful and driven professionals who are of a similar mind when it comes to training, care and relationship building with our equine partners!

Don't have a horse of your own but are still looking to learn and grow as a rider, whether you are well seasoned or new to the sport? No problem! We offer an immersive and education packed riding program for students with well schooled, kind and patient lesson horses. Regardless of if you own, lease or do not have a horse of your own, Michele believes that everyone should have the ability to learn and grow as horse people and continue to embark on their equestrian journey. 


Allow us to help you fill in the gaps and take you and your horse to the next level, physically, mentally and emotionally! Through our educational program anything is possible, we look forward to meeting you!

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