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What exactly does care of our equines cover? On a very basic level food, water and space, but there is so much more that goes into the daily care of the horse! What to feed, how to feed, how their living space is set up, hoof care, dental care, deworming, blanketing, shelter from the elements, confinement, bedding, areas of rest, socialization, movement and yes even play (and so much more)! We pretty much control every aspect of our horses life and so much is to be pondered on what may be best!

Realistically we may not all be able to provide the horse with a most ideal environment, time money and space ultimately dictate just how much can be done for our horses. But even in not so ideal situations plans can be made to take what we do have and transform it into the most ideal haven it can be for your horse. 

To me, proper care is just as important as training methods with horses and I put equal time and energy into how my horses get to live as I do my interactions with them and methods of teaching. If our horses do not feel their best physically, mentally and emotionally, how can they give us their best when we step into the arena? Because of this I ensure that care of boarding horses and training horses is optimal and that I know they are receiving the best care possible to thrive in our program.


Our full care board packages prioritize your horse's needs as an individual with completely customizable care packages, with the foundation and premise of our care being that horses receive species specific care when it comes to diet, turn out, handling and maintenance. All horses are on a forage based diet with top quality hay (coastal, timothy, orchard, alfalfa) and low processed nutrient rich feed which will have your horse glowing from the inside out! 

Our green pastures provide natural shade with plenty of trees and open dynamic space that encourages movement. Full care stall boarders are provided with open and spacious stalls with a nice view and quickly make horses feel at ease. The boarder barn has a private and secure tack room with plenty or room and storage for all of your gear, as well as an inviting porch to relax on after a great ride with your horse. 


The farm is equipped with a 30x40  meter sand dressage ring, a fenced grass ring, exercise track, riding field with jumps and is close to many schooling and show venues and a short 15 min ride to Hitchcock Woods!

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Caring for horses goes beyond providing food, water and shelter. It is important to take a whole horse, species specific approach so that our horses don't just live, they thrive! For more information on our comprehensive boarding packages, contact us today!

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