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Membership and Training Packages

  • Young Horse Training

    Every month
    Perfect training package to set young horses up for success and build a strong foundation.
    • Comprehensive work on the ground and in hand
    • Starting under saddle or restarting
    • Building up their postural muscles and balance
    • Understanding cues for wtc on the ground and under saddle
    • exposure to different elements to build confidence
    • target training to aid in vocal cues and standing tied
  • Body Restructuring Training

    Every month
    Ideal training package for a horse in rehab, coming out of rehab, restarting or needing more help.
    • biomechanics based groundwork
    • working with the nervous system to set new movement patterns
    • physical rebuild to help set them up to carry a rider
    • light therapy
    • alternative modalities to aid in physical & emotional growth
    • work under saddle when cleared and appropriate to do so
  • Classical Training

    Every month
    Ideal for horse and rider seeking to further their training and education
    • intensive 5 day/week training
    • continued building of strength and balance
    • introduction to upper level movements and high school
    • off property schooling
    • bi weekly lessons with horse and rider
  • Community Membership

    Every month
    Gain access to our private FB community and monthly webinars
    • weekly challenges
    • tip videos
    • access to members only private fb community
    • Monthly webinars
  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for the horse owner looking for more direct guidance
    • weekly challenges
    • monthly webinars
    • access to members only private fb community
    • once monthly virtual lesson
    • Virtual log and private access to recorded virtual lessons
    • tip videos
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    the same perks as the silver package, with an additional virtual lesson
    • Access to our private community FB group
    • weekly challenges
    • tip videos
    • monthly webinar
    • twice monthly virtual lessons
    • access to recorded lessons to track progress
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