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Welcome to my page and very first blog post!

Pharra learning to bend at liberty through my physical suggestion!

You may be wondering exactly what In Stride Equestrian is all about, well I am here to tell you! This goes beyond horse training and into a world where the mind is meant to wander and think of everything on a much deeper (or basic!) level, to connect all that is, what makes us human, and what makes our horses, well... horses!

What is In Stride Equestrian to me?

In stride, to take things step by step, to learn as things become and evolve. To take these individual steps and embark on a journey and to be able to look back on these small feats and marvel at the outcome of it all.

Equestrian, horse person, horse whisperer, to be of the horse. When I think of an equestrian I do not think of a rider. To be an equestrian is so much more than being up in the saddle. Masters of the horse are not masters at all, but comrades, friends and companions that develop such a deep understanding of the being they share space with that there is no need to force, make, subdue or sway of the horse to do as the person wishes. These methods are instead replaced with communication, understanding and suggestion.

Each and every horse needs to be recognized for the individuals that they are just as every human does. We know that every person on this planet does not learn the same way and this is true for every horse. There are many factors that play in to this fact. There is upbringing, socialization, diet, care, environment, pain, play, etc. Every single thing that happens in a horse and human's life directly effects how they learn and retain information. I have taken this into account over the years and spoken and learned from professionals to better understand this all on a much deeper level to be able to cater programs and lessons to the needs of each individual. Through my experiences I have come to realize that every being on this planet has specific wants and needs that are important to them and if those needs are not met then there will be resistance, whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

Our horses have so much to teach us, we just have to be as receptive to them as we want them to be of us. And so I invite you along in this journey to better understand the horse from the inside out!

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