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Our lesson program is an immersive educational experience that will not only help you grow as a rider, but as a savvy and understanding horse person. Riding is a wonderful sport, but it is so much more than that. Horses teach us so much more than just how to be a good rider, and at In Stride equestrian, we work closely with our equine educators on proper classical and balanced riding, horsemanship, liberty and ground work with our students. Michele’s extensive knowledge provides all students, regardless of if they are complete beginners or well seasoned riders, with a new perspective and education in the saddle.

In order to properly work with our horses, whether it is on the ground or under saddle, we need to understand them. This is why our comprehensive and educational program also institutes education days where students gather to learn the ins and outs of our equine partners in a fun group environment. Our instructor and staff firmly believe in the power of knowledge and growth, and are always growing and educating themselves to be able to provide the best education and program for our students! Horses are complex and wonderful animals that provide a limitless source of knowledge in so many ways and at In Stride Equestrian we strive to translate and relay that information back to our students.

Horses know no judgement, and this wisdom is the foundation of our program. In Stride Equestrian is a judgement free facility that strives to do all that we can to be inclusive and accommodating to all equestrians from all walks of life regardless of their race, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, orientation, discipline and financial status. We ask that our students do the same with one another to help continue to make our facility a safe and welcoming space. We are all here to do better and to learn, with our wonderful lesson horses, and each other!

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